We always strive to offer one of the best Spanish language programs in the Bay Area. Here are some testimonials from happy students:



" Such a great school for learning Spanish while having fun.  Intensive but Deborah keeps it fun and engaging.  Classes have a maximum of 8 students so you learn so much faster.  In addition to classroom hours you also get a ton of supplemental online aids and many different ways of learning.  Just finished beginning Spanish and excited for Intermediate starting next month.  Just wished they offered classes for kids! " (Catherine, San Jose, , Yelp Review,8/23/2013)


"I found this school thru word of mouth.  It has been the greatest experience ever! it is a fast paced class with homework to boot.  it takes  dedication of student and instructor to make success.  I have learned so much with Deborah.  I keep taking classes there ... as this keeps my learning actively advancing.  I have used my language skills in several Countries very well.  I knew virtually nothing when I started at this school.  The conversation classes are relaxed and not so fast ... which encourages one to speak and use the language with the guidance of an instructor.  I will definitely repeat my experiences here again and again!! " (J.B. Los Gatos, Yelp Review, filtered, 6/30/2011)


" I have taken few classes here as well as couple of private lessons. My experience with Deborah has been excellent and I wish my schedule can allow me to advance faster. The classes are fast paced and there is a lot of homework to complement the class time. I find it beneficial as usually 3 hours are week are not sufficient to get enough practice. I have studied numerous languages in my life and I know the dedication from the teacher and the student is essential. I will definitely be back in the fall!" AK (Yelp Review, June 2011)

"The variety of learning modes and quality of materials are excellent.

Every different class I've taken (intermediate, advanced, novel reading, conversation) has been professionally planned and organized, always a very good value for the money.

The instructors (I took classes from Deborah, Maria, and Janet) are all great.  The interactions in the classes are conversational, each instructor has a good sense of humor, and they speak Spanish at an understandable level for each class.

Whether you're interested in just getting your feet wet, expanding your already deep knowledge, or somewhere in between, they have a class for your level. "

Highly recommended. --KM (June 2011, Yelp review, filtered, 6/28/2011)

"I have taken multiple classes at Spanish Ahora and have signed up for more.  Before I found Spanish Ahora I took a class from a different school and there is no comparing the two.  Spanish Ahora is far superior.  The teachers ( I have had Deborah and Ivette) really care about helping you achieve your goal and make class fun.  There is a lot of homework and quizzes but if you didn't have time to finish they don't hold it against you.  I plan on taking classes here until I'm fluent. " MH, ( Yelp Review, filtered, 6/28/ 2011)

"I am an intermediate Spanish student and have taken two classes so far at Spanish Ahora. I highly recommend them for anyone trying to learn or improve their Spanish skills. The classes are small and focused and fun, the cost is reasonable, they put a lot of thought into the exercises and written material, and they genuinely care and try to help you. A+ " -MM (Yelp Review, filtered 6/28/2011))

"I took the Beginning Spanish course and it was great. Very intense, great materials and the teacher, Deborah, was awesome. It's a small class so the instructor really has the opportunity to work close with you and conversate with everyone. She even adjusted her accent to help prepare me for my trip to Spain.
The course work was very manageable even with a full time job and prices are very reasonable. " VN (Yelp Review, August 2010)

"Spanish Ahora is a great place to start learning Spanish, especially if you are a beginner and have no  prior knowledge of the language. The instructor, Deborah, is great and the beginning Spanish course is designed really well. Lots of pair activities during the class, homeworks and quiz every week are some of the good things. Class size is small(8-10). Would definitely recommend. " AM (Yelp Review, August, 2010)


"I would like to share a good news with you. With your tutoring, [our daughter] is able to raise her Spanish average score to 88.54 (B+) which means she
could stay in the Spanish ||| honor class for the next year. We are so glad about. I would like to thank you for your good teaching and helping her achieving the goal. -YZ, (May 2011)


"Everything you did was a great help. The grammar help was immense--you saved my butt with grammar.  Learning the vocab was a huge help so that when it was reintroduced, it was much easier to remember." R.C. (July/2010)

"[Our daughter] found the course very useful and the best part of the class was the opportunity to talk in Spanish in a small, comfortable setting. She struggled in 8th grade with oral portion and her teacher recommended an immersion camp. Your camp was as effective or even more effective than an immersion camp, which is typically much more expensive. She has maintained an A in Hons Spanish III throughout the year and found the subject very easy." (R.M, June/2010)

"[Our daughter ] definitely gained a lot from her classes with you. In fact she was able to keep her grades up in the subject on account of your tutorials, so we are very happy to have the opportunity to have her work under your guidance.  "(C.S, June/ 2010)

"I discovered this Spanish school via word of mouth.  Small class, great instrcutor, intensive but fun.   Conveniently located in downtown Campbell." --DG (August/ 2008)

"  I learned a great deal from your class and enjoyed it very much.  You are truly an exceptional teacher." (Cathi)

"Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the class. It made me feel a lot more comfortable speaking with parents and I translate a lot of my own notes home to my students. I really enjoyed the class and loved the small size! " (Rebecca)


"Y sobretodo, muchisimas gracias por tu escuela excelente. Agradezco mucho de tener la oportunidad de tomar clases, y avanzar(ojala!) el nivel de mi espanol en tu escuela superior." (Tina)


" My rating is 5 out of 5. The structure is well defined. The homework, class assignments, fun exercises- by games and useful learning props is extremely helpful. The teacher's style is 5 out of 5. Deborah is really an excellent teacher. " :-) (Anonymous rating)


" I think the class structure is really great. I think you all have done a great job putting this material together. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends. " (Anonymous rating)


"I've learned more in one week than in my entire adult ed class!! and it's more fun. " (L.B)

"I wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the class......Thank you again for helping me to build my knowledge and my confidence in tackling a new language." (A.F.)


"Hace unos días, tenía una conversación buenísima con un trabajador en mi parque que lo conozco un poco, y que no habla mucho inglés. Me dijo que en la primavera sabía yo "poquito" español y que ahora, sabía "muchito". ¡Jaja! Es buen progreso, ¿no?

..... Claramente era un momento para darme cuenta que estudiar español vale la pena." :-) (J)


"Muchas gracias por enseñarme, y por toda tu energía y entusiasmo." (Tina)

"Muchas gracias y gracias por todo los cosas has hecho para la clase." (Sue)

!Hola!Gracias por la gran clase de español! Aprendi mucho. Es un gran comienzo. (Lori)

"I also wanted to let you know that you are one of the best teachers I ever had - the classes moved faster than usual (i prefer), were also interesting and they gave me a good starting point." (R.L )


"Scott and I enjoyed your class very much and we thank you for being such an outstanding teacher. You are right, there is an art to teaching a language and you are quite an artist!" (Scott y Julia)


"Quiero darles gracias a Isabel y usted por la clase excelente que termino esta semana. La instrucion, el curriculo (Me gusto mucho las peliculas cortas), y las otras estudiantes eran excelente. Mejore mi Espanol mucho en estas pocas semanas." (Jon)


"Thank you for having my son in your class. He enjoyed your teaching a lot and he always talked about it afterward. I believe, this is the teacher who makes the subject interesting and exciting for the students that they may show their best in. I thank you and I will have him participate in your classes in the future opportunities." (Max)


"Thanks for being a great teacher!" (S.W.)


"El sábado pasado, había hablado con un joven de Nicaragua, que ha estado en el país durante un mes. Me dijo que vive en Redwood City con sus dos hermanos. Trabaja en la noche en Mountain View, haciendo ladrillos trabajo. Un hermano trabaja en San Bruno y la otra en Redwood City. Él está tratando de aprender Inglés. Creo que no podría haber hablado con él, sin haber tomado clases de español. " (Donna)


"  I am extremely happy with your pedagogy.  I feel I have learned more in my short time with you than in the same amount of time in, say, Mexico while taking an immersion class."


"I've been very pleased with the course."


"I really do enjoy your Beginning Spanish class. You move quickly and keep the learning coming, but are still patient and thorough. Every class is a little different and the time flies by. I enjoy the cultural insights that you add to your lesson. You are a gifted teacher with a warm personality, and I feel so lucky to be in this small class at such a reasonable price. "


"After just 3 or 4 weeks, I am already able to have short conversations with native Spanish speakers. Class is enjoyable and paced so that there is never a dull moment. "


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