Advanced Spanish for High School Students

Overview of program

This program gives the student the opportunity to review high school intermediate Spanish, as well as prepare and/or review advanced Spanish concepts. Through both fun activities and formal lessons, students will learn and review such areas as essential Spanish expressions, verb conjugation in present, preterit, imperfect, present perfect, past perfect, future, conditional, and subjunctive tenses, interrogatives, concordance, advanced numbers, common regular and irregular verbs, object pronouns, reflexive verbs, common vocabulary themes (i.e. food, clothes, sports, environment, family, school), culture, and other topics typically studied at the first 3 levels. Activities include formal lecture, games, skits, worksheet activities, video viewings and song listening activities.

Important Note

A maximum of 8 students can be accepted for each section of this course. Limited space available.

Student must have taken at least two years of high school Spanish to qualify for this course. For more information, please feel free to email us at, or please call 408 207 3075.


Objective of the Advanced Spanish Program eview program

  • Review intermediate concepts
  • Embark on Advanced Spanish concepts
  • Expand knowledge of culture and history of Spanish speaking world
  • Expand Spanish vocabulary knowledge in common themes


Meeting Dates

#879 Tues/Thurs, 615 pm to 815 pm, July 7th to August 6th (20 hours total)



Location of Classes

We are located in the Campbell Community Center at 1 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 207 3075


Highlights of Course (To top)

Through this program , students will learn and/or review:

  • Review of intermediate concepts
  • Preterite versus imperfect
  • Subjunctive
  • Future tense
  • Conditional tense
  • Pluperfect tense
  • Imperfect subjunctive tense
  • Passive voice
  • Compound tenses
  • Direct and indirect object pronouns
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Forming adverbs (--mente)
  • Stem changing verbs (e>ie)
  • Stem changing verbs (o>ue)
  • Stem changing verbs (e>i)
  • Verbs with irregular yo forms
  • More expressions with "tener"
  • Difference between "ser" and "estar"
  • Expressions with "estar"
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Verbs like "gustar"
  • Prepositional phrases
  • "Por" versus "para"
  • Estar a punto de + infinitive/ Acabar de + infinitive
  • Indefinite and negative words ("algo" versus "nada", "alguien" versus "nadie", etc.)
  • Time expressions with "hacer"
  • Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
  • Comparisons and superlatives
  • "Saber" versus "conocer"
  • Personal "a"
  • Pronouns after prepositions
  • Verbs that change meaning in the preterite
  • Concept of "lo" with adjective
  • Al + infinitive
  • Constructions with "se"
  • Stressed possessive adjectives and pronouns
  • Relative pronouns
  • Conjunctions followed by the subjunctive and indicative
  • Common proverbs
  • Colloquial expressions
  • Essential conversational phrases and words
  • Vocabulary themes

Materials (To top)

Textbook, handouts, password access to audio files and online activities.


Class Structure (To top)

One quiz per each session, midtest at midpoint level, final test on second to last session.

Students receive a completion certificate if he/she attends all classes.

Last day during last hour students will be treated to pizza and a Spanish language movie.


Tuition (To top)

$325.00 includes textbook, handouts, password access to audio files and online activities.

Number of Students

Maximum 8 students for this class






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