Spanish 1 (7th-9th grade)


"Our daughter definitely gained a lot from her classes with you. In fact she was able to keep her grades up in the subject on account of your tutorials, so we are very happy to have the opportunity to have her work under your guidance. "


Spanish 1 (7th-9th grade)


Overview of the Spanish 1 program

This program teaches basic Spanish principles to 7th- 9th grade students. Through both fun activities and formal lessons, students will learn basic Spanish concepts such as essential Spanish expressions, verb conjugation, concordance, numbers, essential verbs, interrogatives, basic vocabulary (food, traveling, sports, clothes, family, school), culture, and other topics typically studied at the Spanish 1 level. Activities include formal lecture, games, skits, worksheet activities, video viewings and song listening activities.

This course is ideal for

1) Students who would like a "heads up" before taking Spanish 1 during the 2015-2016 school year


2) Students who would like to review beginning Spanish principles before before taking Spanish 2 during the 2015-2016 school year


Important Note

A maximum of 8 students can be accepted for each section of this course. Limited space available.


Objective of the Bridge Course Spanish program

  • Teach Spanish 1 concepts customarily taught at Spanish 1 level in middle school and high school
  • Expand knowledge of culture and history of Spanish speaking world
  • Expand Spanish vocabulary knowledge in common themes


Meeting Dates

#876 Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1 pm to 3 pm, July 7 to August 9th (20 hours total)

#877 Wednesdays, 9 am to 1 pm , July 6th to August 3rd (20 hours total)






Location of Classes

We are located in the Campbell Community Center at 1 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 207 3075


Highlights of Course (To top)

Through this program , students will review:

  • Spanish alphabet
  • Pronunciation
  • Interrogatives
  • Definite Articles
  • Concordance (Gender, number)
  • Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Expressing possession
  • Essential adjectives, colors
  • General verb conjugation concepts
  • Essential verbs, such as, but not limited to, dar, pensar, perder, pedir, salir, llegar, tener, conocer, querer, tener, ir, poder, decir, venir, saber, abrir, cerrar, pensar, leer, enviar, tomar, llevar, tocar, llevar, poner, sacar, escribir, asistir, hablar, esperar, caminar, mirar, esperar, escuchar, tomar, buscar, dormir, encontrar, jugar, ver, repetir, servir, estudiar, leer, entrar, pronunciar, escuchar, cantar, conducir, conocer, terminar, empezar, hacer, volver, encontrar, correr, comer, beber, escribir, traer, salir, oír)
  • Irregular Verbs (Querer, Tener, Ir, Poder, Decir, Venir, Saber, Poner, Hacer, Ir)
  • Helping Verbs
  • Ser versus Estar
  • Stem changing verb concept
  • The use of “hay”
  • Expressions with “tener”
  • Numbers 1-1000000
  • Days and months
  • The verb “gustar”
  • Prepositional phrases
  • Telling time
  • Present progressive tense
  • Popular slang
  • Definite articles
  • Colloquial expressions (That's cool! That's terrible! , etc.)
  • Essential conversational phrases and words (“Alright”, “anyways”, “uh huh”, “therefore”)
  • Vocabulary themes (Food, weather, clothes, sports, family, school, travel, pastimes, time, body, moods, character and physical description)

Materials (To top)

Info/activities booklet, handouts, access to audio tracks, password online activity access


Class Structure (To top)

One quiz per each session, midtest at midpoint level, final test on second to last session.

Students receive a completion certificate if he/she scores an 80% or higher on final test.

Last day during last hour students will be treated to pizza and a Spanish language video.


Tuition (To top)

$325.00 includes textbook, info/activities manual, snacks, password access to audio and internet tutorials.

Number of Students

Maximum 8 students for this class






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