Spanish Conversation*

Recommended for:

* Students who want additional conversation practice before enrolling in Spanish 2 course


* Students who want additional conversation practice WHILE TAKING Spanish 2 course



Through this Spanish Conversation course, students will have the opportunity to put to practice Spanish level 1 concepts.

This is an excellent course for graduates of the Beginning Spanish course who would like additional conversation practice while taking the Intermediate course. This course is also ideal for persons who would like to continue honing their Spanish conversation skills before taking the Intermediate course.

*Please note that it is not required to attend all sessions of this course, as the structure of this curriculum will allow for students to attend on a drop-in basis. However, regardless of number of sessions that student attends, full tuition cost applies, unless specific class indicates that open enrollment is accepted.


Parts A, B, y C

The differences among A y B y C are the vocabulary themes and grammar topics covered. Students are not required to have already attended part A in order to attend parts B or C . One or all can be attended, in either order.

Part A Vocab Topics: Familia, Casa, Ropa, Lugares, Profesiones, Ir de Compras, Viajar

Part A Grammar Topics: Por y Para, Ser y Estar, Regular Verb Conjugation, Reflexive Verbs, Advanced Numbers, Decir

Part B Vocab Topics: Comida, Finanzas, Cuerpo, El Trabajo, Frases Preposicionales, Tiempo

Part B Grammar Topics: Reflexive Verbs, Por y Para, Irregular Verb Conjugation, Preterit Tense, Ser y Estar, Conocer y Saber

Part C Vocab Topics: Internet, Telephone Etiquette, Sales Transactions, Giving and Understanding Directions, Hobbies and Entertainment, Cuerpo

Part C Grammar Topics: Reflexive Verbs, Preterit Tense, Ser y Estar, Object Pronouns, Common Stem Changing Verbs, Common Usted Commands



Admission to the Spanish Conversation course requires demonstration of proficiency of level 1 concepts. Student must have successfully completed a level 1 course, or must demonstrate proficiency in level 1 Spanish concepts.

If you feel that you qualify to take this course, please call us at 408 207 3075, or email us at


Upon completion of this course, the student will:

  • Improve Spanish conversation skills
  • Understand the cultural, geographical, and historical aspects of the Spanish speaking world
  • Bolster understanding, through group discussions and activities, of Spanish grammar concepts learned at the Beginning level.
  • Strengthen knowledge of vocabulary words that touch on themes introduced at the Basic Spanish level
  • Fortify understanding of fundamentals of Spanish language, thus being prepared to embark on the mastery of intermediate Spanish grammar concepts.

Location of Classes
We are located at 1 West Campbell Avenue in Campbell, California 95008
Click here for more info on our location.

408 207 3075


Materials (To top)

Online activity access, handouts

Dates, Times, Duration (To top)

Please visit our schedules page for dates and times.


Tuition (To top)

$220 for six sessions (12 hours total) ($195 para alumni)









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