Spanish Ahora recommends these sites as supplements to taking a Spanish class:

Great Texas University site that includes wonderful video tutorials for all levels: Spanish Proficiency Exercises


Word is a superb online dictionary that defines words in English/Spanish (and vice versa). They also have a Spanish dictionary for hispanohablantes. It's a wonderful service.


If you'd like to learn a new Spanish word everyday, then subscribe to It's a perfect way to expand your vocabulary!


Language is an image and sound-rich site where you can scroll over words and images to hear words in Spanish.


Lo Mas Tv is an excellent video program. A paid subscription is required. Our courses include a membership to this program!


The Annenberg Media Project has a great "telenovela" video program that teaches Spanish.


"Notes In Spanish" is one of our favorites. They have wonderful podcasts and transcripts through which you can learn about Spanish language and culture.


Nice, comprehensive tutorial that includes free written and oral quizzes: Learn


For advanced Spanish speakers who are looking for more challenging grammar exercises, we recommend Colby University's BK Nelson site .


At the RTV website you can find an incredibly comprehensive selection of podcasts and RSS feeds of various Spanish language programs that are broadcast through Spanish television station RTV.


Duolingo is a relatively new app that helps students reinforce their Spanish sentence structure knowledge. The app also helps in honing the student's translation skills. We feel that it is a great supplement toward learning the language


Need to conjugate a verb? Verbix has a seemingly unlimited collection of verb conjugation tables for practically every Spanish verb imaginable!